Cubana de Aviación flights and customer reviews

Cubana de Aviación, named "Cubana," is the flagship airline of Cuba. Its main hub is the José Martí international airport (HAV) in Havana. Cubana was founded on 8 October 1929 under the name Compañía Cubana Nacional de Aviación Curtiss, in 1932 it was bought by Pan Am airlines. In 1944 its name was changed to Compañía Cubana de Aviación. In 1942 it operated its first flight to Miami, in June its first transoceanic flight from Havana to Madrid. In 1954 the company became the total ownership of the Cuban government, in 1959 it was nationalised and its name became Empresa Consolidada Cubana de Aviación. Now it is owned by Cubana and belongs to the Corporación Cubana de Aviación (CACSA) which is under the Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba. Cubana connects Cuba to the main destinations in Europe, Central and South America, the Caribbean, North America and Africa.