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Flights from Seville to A Coruña

The distance to fly from Seville to A Coruña is 696 Km, while the most frequent departure time for this flight is 14:00.
As far as concerns the duration, the average time to fly on this route is around 1 hour and 25 minutes.
The selected cities (Seville and A Coruña) provide a total number of 2 airports: San Pablo (SVQ) and La Coruña (LCG).
The overall number of airlines offering tickets for the route Seville-A Coruña is 3, and the most popular ones are Vueling, Iberia, Air Europa.
The most commonly used airline on the route Seville A Coruña is Vueling.
Regarding the fares, the cheapest price found last month to book flights from Seville to A Coruña was 71 £ on Vueling.
On a statistical standpoint, the cheapest day to fly low cost from Seville to A Coruña is Friday.
Map of the air route Seville - A Coruña